Cycling tips

Although cycling doesn't belong to the riskiest means of transport it is important to follow the traffic rules and pay attention to your safety.

7 principles for safe cycling in Prague

We appreciate everyone who choose the bicycle for his/her journey through Prague, but also those who ride the bike in Prague only for recreational or sporting purposes. To avoid unpleasant experiences, we recommend to consider following bases:

1. Do not forget the mandatory equipment

Always have functional brakes, white reflecting lights in front, red one at the back and orange reflecting lights on spokes of both wheels. Absence of any of these elements may cause not only collision but also penalty by the police.

2. Respect traffic signs

Cyclist has to respect the traffic signs the same way as the car drivers do. Cyclists are part of the road traffic and thus have to follow the traffic rules including priority from the right side or prohibition of riding under influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Do not forget that cyclists older than 10 years have to ride the bike on the rode not on the sidewalk. Contact the relevant district office if any of the traffic signs seems illogical from the cyclist's point of view to you.

3. Be visible

The fact that you see everything doesn't necessarily mean that everybody sees you. In case of lower visibility replace the reflecting lights with blinkies. Ordinary clothes are visible on up to 50 metres only. Reflective elements are visible on up to 200 metres distance which means enough time for a safe manoeuvre.

4. Respect other members of the traffic

The same respect that the cyclist expect from the car drivers should be given by the cyclist to pedestrians and to the car drivers as well. Remember that you co-create the picture of city cyclists in brains of the people and the public. In the places like pedestrian zone, residential district or trails for both cyclists and pedestrians adapt your ride so that you don't endanger pedestrians as the most harmful traffic members. While riding try to anticipate events ahead and react appropriately.

5. Ride with the helmet

Although you are an experienced cyclist older than 18 years get the helmet. Manufacturers currently offer a wide range of designed helmets that will satisfy really everybody ‘s demand. Accidents with head injuries do often have fatal consequences yet it is so easy to prevent them.

6. Do not ride too close to the edge

Keep a safe distance from the edge of the rode and from the parking cars. There's enough space for everybody.

7. Beware of tram tracks

The safest way how to cross the tram tracks is perpendicular, otherwise the groove track may easily become an unpleasant trap for your wheel.

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